Wieldy - Admin Dashboard comes with three layout styles and ten different navigation bars, which provides this template a beautiful look. By using different layouts and navigation styles, you can show template in 30 different looks.

Wieldy has following layout designs :-

1. Full Layout

It takes full width of screen to show the content.

2. Boxed Layout

It takes some margin from left and right of screen.

3. Framed Layout

It takes some margin from all four directions of screen.

Wieldy has ten navigation bar styles too, these are:-

1 . Vertical and Fixed Sidebar

2. Vertical and Mini Sidebar

3. Vertical and Collapsible Sidebar

4. Vertical and No Header Mini Sidebar

5. Vertical and No Header Expanded Sidebar

6. Horizontal Default

7. Horizontal and Dark

8. Horizontal and Inside Header Navbar

9. Horizontal and Below Header Navbar

10. Horizontal and Above Header Navbar

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