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Once you download the zip file from your Themeforest account and extract that. You will get the folder like below:


Here any number following v- shows the version of the Wieldy .

Now, inside this folder, you will receive following sub-folders and files:

  • source/

    This folder contains all the files of React version of Wieldy- Admin Dashboard powered by Ant Design and less. This folder contains the code of the demo of Wieldy - Admin Dashboard.

  • html-bs4/

    This sub-folder contains the files of pure BS4 and HTML version of Wieldy.

  • next-js/

    This folder contains the next.js version of Wieldy. So, if you want to run the project in next.js , then you can use this folder.

  • next-js-jwt-stater-kit/

    This folder contains the next.js version of Wieldy with JWT auth..

  • starter-template/.

    You can use this folder to kick-start your project with all the necessary settings done and an integrated authentication process (Firebase). This way you can start building your project from ground-up in no-time.

  • starter-template-jwt-auth/

    This is another starter template code just as above one with one additional feature of authentication. This starter-template folder contains the JWT authentication service, you can use this to implement authentication process in your project.

  • starter-template-without-auth/.

    This folder contains the code of starter template with the different authentication service. If you are looking to use a different authentication system, this is the right folder for you to start with.

  • servers/ This folder contains the JWT auth server with Laravel.

  • docs/

    This folder contains the html file that contains the link to online document of Wieldy.

  • design sources This folder has all design sources. Following is list:

    • PSDs

    • Figma Source

    • Sketch Files

    • XD Source

  • change-logs.txt

    This file contains the information about the updates done in the Wieldy on timely basis. So, this text file tracks the information that on which date, what updation was done in the Wieldy.

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