Project Setup

Steps to setup the next.js version of project

Step 1 - Pick the Next.js Folder

In order to setup the Next.js version of the project, pick the nextjs sub-folder from the Wieldy folder (the zipped folder you got after purchasing the Wieldy), copy it to the place where you want to keep the project, rename the folder.

Step 2 - Installing the Dependencies

In step 2, Open the command prompt and reach out to the path where the folder is kept. Now, run the following command to install the dependencies and libraries used in Wieldy:-


Alternatively, you can open the folder in the development editor of your choice and run the above-written command in its terminal.

Step 3 - Running the project on Local Server

After installing the Dependencies, you can run the project on local server by using the following command :-

yarn dev

Step 4 - Preparing the Build of the Project (Optional)

Build is used for presenting the offline demo of the project or putting the project on live server. So this step is not mandatory, if you want to run the project on local host or in development mode.

To prepare the build of the project , run the following command:-

yarn build

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